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I did a more personal post on my LJ earlier today. I think on my DW I want to keep things more informal. But the highlights:

1) I got married! Yays!

2) I'm a student in an editing certification program! Yay!

3) I moved to Calgary! Yay!

Gotta love the triple-yays.

Since I'm currently out of a job I've decided that I'm going to try to spend more time doing some writing and editing. I have at least one novel that I want to finish editing up and hopefully get out the door for self-publishing. There's a second I'm currently writing that is going to be more of a process but I think I can get it done in the next few months. The rough draft, at least.

I also need to do some school work today. Just post in the class discussion forum and do the proofreading exercise. I think the exercise will be a bit tricky; the proofreader's marks are confusing as fuck. Hopefully I'll be able to get the hang of it soon.

Oh, I'm also working on a couple of fanfics! I'm also seriously considering reworking one of my older ones and polishing it up a little more. I really want to start actually networking again and to meet new people. I've also made a promise to myself that, if I can post on here every day for at least two weeks then I'll post on an add-me community and start building this friends list. I've made promises to post everyday before, I know, but this time I feel like someone hit a big "reset" button for my life and this is a good time to start over. Newly married, no job but being proactive about finding something better, and a new start in a new city. Life feels good at the moment.
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