Feb. 26th, 2014

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Yesterday I downloaded and played with a program to make games. So far I'm finding it to be one of the better game creation software out there, and I'm already getting grand ideas that I would like to try someday. It's called, simply enough, Gamemaker if anyone is curious. The standard edition is free and I'm so far finding it very easy to use. Definitely worth a look if you ever were interested in giving game creation a try.

Otherwise today I'm planning on doing a good chunk of writing. I have parked my laptop on the island in the kitchen rather than me sitting at my desktop in the living room. For some reason sitting at the island makes me want to be a little more productive than if I were at the desktop. Maybe it's easier to avoid the siren song of video games and Reddit out here. Or maybe I just need a change in surroundings every once in a while. Who knows, all that matters is that it works.

Oh, and I also am planning on posting a recipe, with pictures! Yes, I actually did something I was planning on doing for once! I'm so proud of myself. I'll be posting that sometime soon.

I also really want to change up the layout of this journal. It's been a long time since I played around with coding and layouts, and I would rather like to get back into the habit. A project for later, I suppose.

Oh, and I also finally signed up for a wedding planning website. Now to actually start posting... Eeek. This feels rather odd for me. I mean, I am excited to get married, but the wedding was never something I had ever thought about in my life. I never had an idea of my "dream wedding", so now I'm feeling rather lost with how to go about this. Hence, the wedding planning site. Wish me luck.


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