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I did a more personal post on my LJ earlier today. I think on my DW I want to keep things more informal. But the highlights:

1) I got married! Yays!

2) I'm a student in an editing certification program! Yay!

3) I moved to Calgary! Yay!

Gotta love the triple-yays.

Since I'm currently out of a job I've decided that I'm going to try to spend more time doing some writing and editing. I have at least one novel that I want to finish editing up and hopefully get out the door for self-publishing. There's a second I'm currently writing that is going to be more of a process but I think I can get it done in the next few months. The rough draft, at least.

I also need to do some school work today. Just post in the class discussion forum and do the proofreading exercise. I think the exercise will be a bit tricky; the proofreader's marks are confusing as fuck. Hopefully I'll be able to get the hang of it soon.

Oh, I'm also working on a couple of fanfics! I'm also seriously considering reworking one of my older ones and polishing it up a little more. I really want to start actually networking again and to meet new people. I've also made a promise to myself that, if I can post on here every day for at least two weeks then I'll post on an add-me community and start building this friends list. I've made promises to post everyday before, I know, but this time I feel like someone hit a big "reset" button for my life and this is a good time to start over. Newly married, no job but being proactive about finding something better, and a new start in a new city. Life feels good at the moment.
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Done the personal and locked post, so now let's talk fandomy and lighthearted stuff.

The other day I watched the 1994 Stargate movie. It was actually a lot better than I had remembered, though now Netflix is convinced that I want to watch all of the ancient aliens documentaries it can find. On one hand, I'm am tempted to put one on every now and again for a laugh. Then again, I feel a bit dirty for watching them. Otherwise, Stargate was a good nostalgia trip for me. It's also made me want to marathon SG-1, so I may be doing that over the next couple of days.

The other day I dusted off the old WiiFit and decided that I want to regularly do the yoga aspect again, until I can get up the courage to sign up for legit classes. Unfortunately the board squawked at me for being underweight, but at the same time it's actually motivating me to eat more often. It helps to see that little graph tick closer and closer to the 100 lbs point every time I go on.

Beside me at the moment the fiance is playing some Pathfinder online. He's been asking me to make some tokens and maps for them, and I think I'm going to start on that tonight. It gives me something to do and I think I can easily whip some good one ups. The tokens should be easy, but the maps might give me a challenge, which to be fair might be what I need at the moment.

Now I need to run off and make some food. I'm sort of tempted to make up a recipe post, because I want to play up with the recipe I currently have for breaded chicken. The idea I have right now it going to make, if nothing else, an interesting taste. Maybe I'll do that. Or maybe I'll make it a regular thing. I used to do quite a bit recipe posts on LJ. We'll see.
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I guess I chose a bad week to start this little resolution. I'm working all this week, about 42 hours in total with possibly more to come. As long as I can get through this week it'll be better, but with the Christmas season in full swing I'm going to be feeling fairly dead by the end of the week.

To that end I don't really have time to focus on anything other than work and rest this week. This is going to be rough, but there's not much to be done for it. On the other hand, let's talk about something else, eh?

I've been considering trying something else lately. I might just scrap the daily theme thing if I do so, but I really want to try my hand at reviewing stuff again. I'm horribly out of practice, but I want to get better at it and hopefully be able to write better meta in the meantime. I think it could be fun, and I get an excuse to watch some old favourites and gush about them. I'm considering starting out with Stargate SG-1 since I have access to the whole series. We'll see, though. I might decide to start with something smaller as to not to overwhelm myself.

To be fair, I think part of the problem with reviewing, at least for me, is that I don't really have a good outline for doing one. I'll figure something out, I'm sure. Might as well start with something I know somewhat well and build up from there.

Welp, another day down. I didn't do a post yesterday due to work, but I'll try hard to do one everyday. Like I said, the goal right now with fourteen days straight. Here's hoping.

Now, I'm going to go off and try to make sense on some computer stuff. To Google!


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